Friday WOD 12-10-10

Posted: December 10, 2010 by crossfiticonz in WOD
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Go Kash!


5-5-3-3-2-2-1 Backsquat
21 Reps 65% of 1Rep Max

Today is a strength day. The definitions of strength as defined by Merriam Websters online dictionary:

Definition of STRENGTH
1: the quality or state of being strong : capacity for exertion or endurance
2: power to resist force : solidity, toughness
3: power of resisting attack : impregnability
4a : legal, logical, or moral force b : a strong attribute or inherent asset 5a : degree of potency of effect or of concentration b : intensity of light, color, sound, or odor c : vigor of expression
6: force as measured in numbers : effective numbers of any body or organization
7: one regarded as embodying or affording force or firmness : support
8: maintenance of or a rising tendency in a price level : firmness of prices 9: basis —used in the phrase on the strength of

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