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With 2019 Just around the corner Id like to think that most if not all of you have put some thought into creating or even updating your fitness goals for 2019.

I remember back in the day my 3rd grade teacher was a stickler for napping or even putting your head on your desk during class. He would throw chalk and erasers as anyone who appeared to fall asleep! Can’t do that nowadays LOL.   He always said have a goal for every class.  Now I know what he meant…he meant every day is a new day to create something new!  The problem is that we create the same thing over and over and thats usually our failures. That’s because we follow the same plan which is sometimes no plan at all over and over.

Create That SMART GOAL

Well, I’m here to tell You that 2019 will be different as long as you create it to be different.  New Plan, New actions will get you new results.

Doesn’t matter what Gym you go to or what mountain you climb I suggest have a plan in mind so you at least know if you’re headed in the right direction and if you are making progress.


Yours may sound like this:  I am going (not trying) to lose 2% bodyfat (not water weight which could equate to 6-10 lbs) by the end of January 2019.

This example is specific, measurable (assuming you have or get a baseline body composition tests) its achievable and has a set end date at which you can assess progress. Get our Inbody Body Composition Test to Know Your Exact Body Comp.  With this information You can create the best Goals with Giving Yourself the best chance of success.

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smart goal worksheet courtesy of teacherspayteachers.com