Thursday WOD May 17th


Heaving Snatch balance 5-3-1-1-1(increasing weight) then:

Run 200m, 20 abMat Sit-ups
Run 400m, 40 abMat Sit-ups
Run 800m, 80 abMat Sit-ups
Run 400m, 40 abMat Sit-ups
Run 200m, 20 abMat Sit-ups

Beastmode(Rx+)=run with med ball (20/14) & medball V-ups

Friday WOD May 11th

  7 rounds for time.. one Snatch attempt one round of “Mary” ( They have ONE attempt at a snatch, either they make it or they don’t, then one round of Mary…score will be time and total weight successfully snatched.. ex. 100lbs. they miss the first two.. so 10:34 and 500lbs. MARY: 5 HSPU, 10…

Saturday WOD April 28th

  Partner Wod = Tabata Gone Bad While one partner works through their minute of fight gone bad….the other is doing 2 series of Tabata’s  (ex-20sec. on, 10sec off, 20sec on, 10sec   off=1minute)  then they switch…whoever was doing FGB moves to that Tabata movement, and whoever was doing Tabata moves to FGB.  Score is total reps/cals for the…

Friday 4/27 BIRTHDAY WOD


Will “Patches”  Birthday Wod  

Weight= plate(45/25)

Complete 4 rounds for time of:

Run 400m with weight

28 Mixed Grip Pull-ups

28 Squats with weight in front(hold like a steering wheel)

28 Push-ups with weight on back

28 Walking Lunge Steps with weight Overhead

28 Sit-ups/V-ups with weight

28 Broad jumps over the plate