Thu WOD 9/3/15

5:30a, Noon, 5:30p WOD “TOUGH LOVE” @ 95/65 20 front squats 20 back squats 20 OH squats 20 push press 20 thrusters 1 mile run   6:30p KB WOD with Coach Meg 2:30 min. long cycle work Then, “Anti-Inflammatories” 10 min. AMRAP: Alternating: 1 snatch 1 front squat I KB push press 7:30p Mo Yo A…

Thu WOD 8/27/15

5:30a, Noon, 5:30p WOD “THE GRIM ROPER” 4 Rounds of: 400m sprint 2 rope climbs 30 sec rest between rounds 20 burpee penalty for each round not completed within 4 minutes (burpees will be completed after row) 25 calorie row cash out   6:30p KB WOD with Coach Meg 2 min. cycle work Then, “The Market id…

Thu WOD 8/20/15

5:30a, Noon, 5:30p WOD   “No Easy Day” 800m run 25 chest to bar 25 box jump overs @ 24/20″ 25 burpees 400m run   6:30p KB WOD with Coach Meg “Turkey Goblets” Turkish Get-up Practice 6 minute EMOM 8 Alt. snatches fill remaining time with goblet squats   7:30p Mo Yo A little mobility, a…

Wed WOD 8/19/15

Comp class 5-6:30p (be prepared for several beat downs).  Regular class at 6:30p! 16 Min EMOM of: 5 Front Squats (Increase load every two minutes) Fill remaining time with Bar Facing Burpees *Post heaviest successful load and total number of burpees. Rest 2 mins Then, 8 Hill Sprints w/30 second rest between sprints. Post split times.…

Fri WOD 8/14/15

Push Jerk Work to HEAVY 5 Then EMOM to failure First 5 mins start @ 50% of the above heavy 5….add 5% per MIN until failure (Courtesy PG)       This Saturday’s we will be WODDING at Stone Mountain!!  We will be sweating at the base of the mountain, near the start of the…

Thu WOD 7/13/15

5:30a, Noon, 5:30p WOD043

“The Cam Effect”
Cal Row
Wallball 20/14
Ghd sit-ups



6:30p KB WOD with Coach Meg

“Ivan Draggin’ on the Rower”
2000 meter row
50 HEAVY Russian KB swings after each 1000 meters


7:30p Mo Yo
A little mobility, a little yoga

Fri WOD 8/7/15

5 Minute AMRAP: 5 strict press 135/95 10 pistols 2 Minute Rest, Add 2 lbs. Then, 8 Minute AMRAP: Hill sprint 5 push press 145/105 10 bent over rows Join us at CrossFit ICONZ TOMORROW Saturday, August 8th at 10:00am to share in some healing juicing and vita-mixing while we host Shimrit as she enlightens us…

Thu WOD 8/6/15

5:30a, Noon, 5:30p WODtires3
1 Mile Sandbag Run
1 Mile Run


6:30p KB WOD with Coach Meg
“Stations of the Kettlebell”
3 Rounds, 1 Minute per round:
Kettlebell swings
Double KB front squats
Battle rope
KB push press


7:30p Mo Yo
A little mobility, a little yoga